About Us

Message from the Founder

We are a unique cadre of career development professionals committed to the goal of sharing our knowledge to better serve our students, clients, and ourselves in the most competent way possible. We each have our special skill set and are proud to join Career Planning Academy to share what we know with you.

Founded by Dr. Janet Wall, we started as CEUonestop.com during the great recession, motivated by the difficulty we all faced obtaining our needed education without the funds to travel to conferences and workshops.

We are now Career Planning Academy with the same content, but somewhat more sophisticated and automated presentation and new and exciting courses, certification, and webinars. Our offerings and the associated continuing education credits can be used for a variety of career development related certifications and credentials. 

We try to minimize costs as we are not subsidized by any organizations or companies. To keep costs down, we count on you to spread the word on the benefits you can accrue from interactions with our talented instructors and presenters.

Contact us with your ideas, suggestions and expertise so that we can enhance what we do. See the FAQs page for typical questions.