ACF21 Bundle Instructions

Instructions Regarding the Purchase of the ACF21 Courses

Thank you for purchasing the bundle of ACF21 online courses. You are now enrolled in the five courses that comprise the ACF21 Certification. You can access your courses by going to > My Courses (at the top). Or by clicking on the button below. 

You will sign in with your email and password so keep you password handy.

You have 200 days to complete all five courses. Upon completion of each course and approval of your worksheet by the instructor, you will receive your certificate of completion. The courses should be taken in this order:

Uncenter Work to Recenter Life
Surfing the Gig Economy
Career G. H. E. C. K I
Career G. H. E. C. K II
Career Work is Justice Work

Each one is a prerequisite to the previous course.

Completion of all five courses in the time limit will earn you 30 continuing education clock hours plus the Advanced Career Facilitation (ACF21) Certification. After completion of all the courses and as a bonus, you will have the opportunity to connect in a discussion with the instructor, Dr. Brian Hutchison to discuss your thoughts about the course content, to ask questions, and enhance your learning. If you encounter any issues about the content of the course, please contact Dr. Hutchison at

All materials in these courses are copyrighted and are for your use only during this professional development experience.