Africa and the Middle East

We offer professional development to career practitioners in Africa and the Middle East. Contact our Regional Director, Raymond Ayinde. See the courses we have available for you at the current time. Click on any course to see more detail. Click on the enroll button to purchase the course. Visit this page often as we increase our offerings for you.

Our courses use reading, videos, and activities to support your learning. Completing a course earns you a certificate of completion when your instructor approves a short assignment you are required to submit. That certificate can be downloaded and saved to your computer. If you do not need a certificate, the assignment need not be submitted.

Courses are accessible to you for 45 days. Be sure to complete the course within that timeframe. All materials is copyrighted by the US Government and MAY NOT be shared with any other person or organization.

Our instructors are experts in the field of career development. They have attained relevant and advanced educational degrees, certifications and credentials. They represent the best in the field of career development.