Certifications and Credentials

Increasingly hiring professionals, employers, and others are focusing more on what you know and can do rather than degree attainment. This is why certifications and credentials may mean more to employers and to our clients than degrees earned. Career Planning Academy is proud to offer 2 new certifications to extend and enhance your competence, skills, and credibility. These continuing education hours can count toward your various career development related credentials such as the NCDA credentials, the GCDF, the BCC (and others) AND, in addition, 16 of these hours may be used for the purpose of ICF credential renewal in the area of Resource Development.

Advanced Career Facilitation for the 21st Century (ACF21)


Assist clients in considering the impact of career decisions and transitions on their relationships, daily experiences, culture, and personal wellness. 
Frame “soft skill” development within broader paradigms of neuroscience, meaning-making, and relational-cultural perspectives.
Help clients reframe their approach to the gig world-of-work with healthy and accurate mindsets as they make career decisions.
Analyze issues of culture and justice with clients to develop critical thinking skills as they interact with the world-of-work.
Adapt your current practices to the 21st Century world-of-work. via Reframe techniques.

Globalization, cross-cultural integration, robotics, technology platforms, and artificial intelligence are only a few of the forces that lead to feelings of precarity, unpredictability, and suffering for workers struggling to navigate a completely new landscape.

This credential is designed for experienced career services professionals. This is not a training model for beginners but a call for working career helpers to UNDERSTAND and ADAPT their current practice to help clients meet the demands of the 21st Century. This curriculum is based on the Reframe Your Career Game created by Dr. Brian Hutchison, LPC, CCCE.

To complete the certification, you must successfully complete five courses. Each of these courses can be taken separately or in a bundle. Those who complete the five courses in the assigned time will receive the designation of Advanced Career Facilitation (ACF21) from Career Planning Academy and will also receive a separate certificate with 30 continuing education hours.

If you purchase the bundle, you are given 6 months to complete all five courses. Individuals who purchase the bundle receive an additional bonus of  a half hour consult with the the instructor. The cost for the bundle is less expensive than purchasing each course individually.

If you purchase any individual course and later decide to pursue the certification, you can still receive the certification if all the courses are successfully completed within 9 months. 

The courses are:

Surfing the Gig Economy
Career Work is Justice Work
Un-center Work to Recenter Life
Five Interpersonal Dimensions to Elevate Your Career Counseling/Coaching Practice
Facilitating Cross Cultural Career Understanding

Certified Salary Negotiation Specialist


Understand the social and economic context for workplace and salary negotiations.
Understand the key concepts underlying effective workplace negotiations: Anchoring Bias, Implicit Biases, Emotional Activation and Leverage.
Create and use leverage graphs to assist clients in understanding the optimal time to negotiate.
Direct clients in conducting research to prepare for negotiations.
Help clients on dodging salary questions in interviews, as well as on what to do when the dodges don’t work.
Understand client’s options for handling salary questions included in online applications.

Help clients navigate relationships with executive recruiters.
Prepare clients to receive job offers in a way that facilitates the negotiation process.
Council clients through the salary negotiation process.
Understand the employer’s perspective on salary negotiations.
Be conversant with the legal issues affecting job interviews, salary  and workplace negotiations.
Know how to adapt negotiation concepts and techniques to support clients in workplace negotiations for raises, promotions etc.

Negotiating is a critical workplace skill. Workers who don’t effectively negotiate miss out on more than just money and benefits. They lose opportunities to craft jobs and schedules in ways that maximize their job satisfaction. They don’t get raises and promotions even when they have earned them. They settle for skimpy severance packages. Counseling clients to be confident negotiators in the workplace has the power to transform careers.

This certification is meant to arm career professionals at any level to help clients to negotiate smarter and with more success. It will cover topics such as creating and protecting leverage, dealing with salary questions on online applications and during the interview, working with recruiters, researching and analyzing an offer and conducting a successful negotiation. Helpful resources are provided as are tips for negotiation in special circumstances. Content will be provided via text, videos, articles from experienced professionals, lecturettes, and interviews. Throughout the course, the participant will create and build upon a case study on one of their own clients. The case study will be presented to the instructor, Karen James Chopra, LPC, MCC, NCC, CCC career counselor and former international trade negotiator, in a final conference call.

Participants who successfully complete the certification will earn 20 continuing education credits and the CSNS certification from Career Planning Academy.