When you enroll in a course, you will download a worksheet or workbook and complete the questions and activities as you move thorough the course lessons. Course lessons include reading, content, videos, etc. When you complete all the requirements, you will upload your worksheet for review by the instructor. Once your worksheet is approved, you will be able to download your certificate with the stated clock hours.

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Antiracist Career Counseling and Coaching

Learn how racism affects clients and workers and how to design your own plan for overcoming their personal racist behaviors during the counseling and coaching process


Assessment Issues for America’s Job Center Staff

(5 CE Clock Hours) Assessment is an important function in Job Centers. For proper client assistance, career specialists need to know what factors are important in using and interpreting assessment results.


Best Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Career Development Services

(6.5 CE Clock Hours) This course will help you create a Pinterest account and learn how to use this tool to enhance your career development services.


Career Development and Individuals with Disabilities: Understanding Disability First

(5 CE Clock Hours) This course will review the concept of disability, disability law, disability etiquette necessary for career services specialists to better serve their students and clients.


Career Work is Justice Work

(5 CE Clock Hours) Access, fairness, equity, opportunity, and inclusion are principles of career services and social justice work. This course will help enhance your work to help create better outcomes and a more just world of work for all.


Certified Salary Negotiation Specialist/Comprehensive Salary Negotiation Strategies

(20 CE Clock Hours) You will first complete a pre-requisite course called Comprehensive Salary Negotiation Strategies for Client Career Success. The course provides you the latest information and techniques to assist clients to negotiate the best salary and compensation package.


Ethics in Career Development

(5 CE Clock Hours) Learn how to work through ethical dilemmas with a decision making process and your professional code of ethics. There are case studies for practice.


Facilitating Cross Cultural Career Understanding

(5.5 CE Clock Hours) This course informs ways of thinking and acting in a cross-cultural, diverse world-of-work, and develops cross cultural skills using Gratitude, Humility, Empathy, Care and Kindness. (FORMERLY CALLED GHECK II)


Five Interpersonal Dimensions to Elevate Your Counseling/Coaching Practice

(8 CE Clock Hours) Gratitude, Humility, Empathy, Care, and Kindness is a model for looking at soft skill development and workplace relationships from a humane perspective using the 5-part G.H.E.C.K. Model.


Fundamentals of Career Development Theories

(4.5 CE Clock Hours) This course will review current and emerging career development theories that you can use with your students and clients.


Helping Clients Redefine Retirement

(6 CE Clock Hours) This course offers an introductory review of retirement career and lifestyle counseling. The purpose is to provide career counseling and coaching professionals with theories and practical strategies to help clients find meaning and purpose in retirement.


Helping Undecided Students Decide on a Major for Career Success

(3 CE Clock Hours) This course will help you assist undecided students land on a major and on a career. Resources are provided to help you with the challenge.

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Incorporating  Mentoring in Your Career Counseling and Coaching Practice for Success, Satisfaction, and Self-Actualization

(xx CE Clock Hours) This research-based course will help you understand and apply the dynamics of the mentor relationship, including multicultural concepts making mentorship accessible and supportive to all individuals.


Labor Market Information for Career, Workforce, and Academic Counselors

(5 CE Clock Hours) This course offers an introductory review of the basic occupational and jobs information needed to provide the best advice to individuals deciding on a major, educational program, and career.


Realistic Career Decision Making: It’s More Than Passion

(7 CE Clock Hours) Many people advise to follow your passion when it comes to career. It is not that simple as many factors can and should influence one’s career choice.


Selecting the Right Assessment

(5 CE Clock Hours) This course will help you think about the critical factors in selecting the right assessment and will encourage you to follow those criteria in selecting the best assessment while following ethical principles.


Super and Self: Bringing Career Theory to Life

(10 CE Clock Hours) Using Super’s “Life-Span, Life-Space Theory and the Markus and Nurius “Possible Selves Theory,” participants will be guided through the descriptions and uses of each theoretical approach and how to apply the theories when working with students and clients.


Surfing the Gig Economy

(6.5 CE Clock Hours) Shifting mindsets towards big, powerful forces requires a plan. This course uses surfing model to learn how to shift mindsets and employ strategies for the 21st Century world-of-work using a four-step process.


Uncenter Work to Recenter Life

(5 CE Clock Hours) The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the world-of-work but not the needs of the worker. Leading technologists are crying for models to rehumanize work in the digital age and this course will help rehumanize your practice.

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Under Construction: How to Use the Career Construction Interview with Students and Clients

(xx CE clock hours) This course will immerse you the the Career Construction theory and help you understand, practice, and interpret the Career Construction Interview for the benefit of your students and clients.


Using the MBTI in Career Counseling, Coaching, and Advising: Moving Beyond the Basics

(5 CE Clock Hours ) This course will extend your basic knowledge of the MBTI making you more effective as you conduct counseling/ coaching with students and clients.


Winning Strategies for the Mature Job Seeker

(3.25 CE Clock Hours) This course provides career counselors/coaches tips and resources to assist older workers in job seeking and career success.