Our Courses

Our multimedia courses are all online, self-paced and available to you anywhere with Internet connectivity. The clock hours for each course is listed. You can click on the course to find out more including a more detailed description of the course, information on your instructor, and the learning objectives.

Each course has an assignment which you complete during the course and upload at the end. The instructor receives and reviews your assignment. Upon their approval you can download your certificate of completion.

The certificate is accepted by multiple career development counseling, coaching, and workforce development associations.


Career Work is Justice Work

(5 CE Clock Hours) Access, fairness, equity, opportunity, and inclusion are principles of career services and social justice work. This course will help enhance your work to help create better outcomes and a more just world of work for all.


Certified ADHD Career Strategist

(25 CE Clock Hours+ Certification) This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to to help individuals with ADHD succeed in their career and career progression. Completion includes a conference call with your instructor.


Certified Salary Negotiation Specialist

(20 CE Clock Hours + Certification) This course provides you the latest information and techniques to assist clients to negotiate the best salary and compensation package. It culminates with a conference call with your instructor.


Ethics in Career Development

(5 CE Clock Hours) Learn how to work through ethical dilemmas with a decision making process and your professional code of ethics. There are case studies for practice.


Helping Clients Redefine Retirement

(6 CE Clock Hours) This course offers an introductory review of retirement career and lifestyle counseling. The purpose is to provide career counseling and coaching professionals with theories and practical strategies to help clients find meaning and purpose in retirement.


Selecting the Right Assessment

(5 CE Clock Hours) This course will help you think about the critical factors in selecting the right assessment and will encourage you to follow those criteria in selecting the best assessment while following ethical principles.


Super and Self: Bringing Career Theory to Life

(10 CE Clock Hours) Using Super’s “Life-Span, Life-Space Theory and the Markus and Nurius “Possible Selves Theory,” participants will be guided through the descriptions and uses of each theoretical approach and how to apply the theories when working with students and clients.


Surfing the Gig Economy

(6.5 CE Clock Hours) Shifting mindsets towards big, powerful forces requires a plan. This course uses surfing model to learn how to shift mindsets and employ strategies for the 21st Century world-of-work using a four-step process.


Uncenter Work to Recenter Life

(5 CE Clock Hours) The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the world-of-work but not the needs of the worker. Leading technologists are crying for models to rehumanize work in the digital age and this course will help rehumanize your practice.