Advanced Career Facilitation for the 21st Century

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Upon purchase your will be enrolled in five courses: Uncenter Work to Recenter Life, Surfing the Gig Economy, G. H. E. C, K I, G. H. E. C. K II, Career Work is Justice Work. CE clock hours will be issued after the completion of each course. Upon completion of all the courses, you will arrange to have a conversation with the instructor, Brian Hutchison. Subsequent to that conversation you will be issued the certification from Career Planning Academy.


Assist clients in considering the impact of career decisions and transitions on their relationships, daily experiences, culture, and personal wellness. 
Frame “soft skill” development within broader paradigms of neuroscience, meaning-making, and relational-cultural perspectives.
Help clients reframe their approach to the gig world-of-work with healthy and accurate mindsets as they make career decisions.
Analyze issues of culture and justice with clients to develop critical thinking skills as they interact with the world-of-work.
Adapt your current practices to the 21st Century world-of-work. via Reframe techniques.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the ACF21 content is being conducted in live workshops. Participants that partake in that instructional mode will not be receiving continuing education credits nor the ACF21 certification from Career Planning Academy as we cannot guarantee the quality or that NBCC standards are met.

Globalization, cross-cultural integration, robotics, technology platforms, and artificial intelligence are only a few of the forces that lead to feelings of precarity, unpredictability, and suffering for workers struggling to navigate a completely new landscape.

This credential is designed for experienced career services professionals. This is not a training model for beginners but a call for working career helpers to UNDERSTAND and ADAPT their current practice to help clients meet the demands of the 21st Century. This curriculum is based on the Reframe Your Career Game created by Dr. Brian Hutchison.

To complete the certification, you must successfully complete five courses. Each of these courses can be taken separately or in a bundle. Those who complete the five courses in the assigned time will receive the designation of Advanced Career Facilitation (ACF21) from Career Planning Academy and will also receive a separate certificate with 30 continuing education hours.

If you purchase the bundle, you are given 6 months to complete all five courses. Individuals who purchase the bundle receive an additional bonus of  a half hour consult with the the instructor. The cost for the bundle is less expensive than purchasing each course individually.

If you purchase any individual course and later decide to pursue the certification, you can still receive the certification if all the courses are successfully completed within 9 months.

The courses are:

Surfing the Gig Economy
Career Work is Justice Work
Un-center Work to Recenter Life
Career G. H. E. C. K. I
Career G. H. E. C. K. II