AI SuperPowers for Career Counselors/Coaches: Leveraging Generative AI Tools Like ChatGPT, Saving You Time and Making You More Effective and Productive

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This is a three-session virtual workshop.  Prior to each session you will be given approximately 1 hour of pre-work which you must complete before moving on through the workshop sessions.


What’s all the fuss? Will this Artificial Intelligence (AI) stuff make a better coach? Make me more money in less time? Replace me? YES! YES! NO! If you want to find out how you can 10X what you do, improve the services you offer to your constituents, and have more time to  pursue your passions, than you want to attend the AI Super Powers three-session series.  Completion of the course and the pre-work and homework can earn you 6 continuing education clock hours.

Over these three sessions, you will become an AI Hero, even if you have never touched, or only dabbled with ChatGPT. And if you have some experience, you will walk away with new tips, tricks, and ideas that will pay for the course many times over.

Artificial Intelligent (AI) Chatbots like ChatGPT and other AI Tools have taken the world by storm. With over 100 million users in less than two months, it is the fastest-growing computer application to hit the world, EVER! It continues to grow exponentially not only in the number of users but in its power and flexibility. And it will only improve.

These tools will CHANGE WORK AND LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. Not only will jobs be displaced, but ultimately, even more will be created. In these sessions, we share with you not only background information to understand how these tools work, we will also share insights about applying its power in the career space and directly to the work you do with your clients[JW3] .

We will discover the opportunities and limitations of this life-changing resource as we “go live” in answering your questions, participating in sessions that reinforce what you learn, practicing what your learn, and getting answers that could help us all be better at what we do. We are making history. Join us to discover what ChatGPT and other LLMs (Large Language Models) can do for you, your practice, and the constituents you serve.

Part 1: Session 1: ChatGPT and ChatBot Basics

During this session you will see demonstrations of how ChatGPT can help you create blogs, resumes, cover letters, email responses, running your practice/business, marketing, newsletters, social media posts, videos – scripts and/or creating, workshop outlines, conference proposals etc. Pre-work for this session will be provided upon registration.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session attendees will be able to
a.  Understand the operation of the ChatGPT AI Chatbot.
b.  List and experience five ways ChatGPT can assist you in doing your career development work
c.  Be comfortable understanding how the technology works, its limitations, and its benefits.

Part 2: Mastering Prompts for Enhanced Success 

Building upon what you learned in Session 1, you will learn various techniques to refine your prompts and get what you want quicker and more accurately. What used to be described as “Google on Steroids” can magnify EVERY user’s effectiveness. Generative AI (GAI) goes way beyond Google. Though this powerful tool can answer basic questions, it can do so much more if asked in a way that allows it to dig deep to provide answers.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session attendees will be able to
a.  Design and execute prompts that give results
b.  Feel comfortable and confident in preparing your own queries
c.  Be able to apply this tool in your own practice

Part 3: Ethical Issues and Challenges with AI Tools and Incorporating Other Tools in Your Toolkit

During the session, we will discuss the ethical challenges in using AI tools in your work, and  demonstrate several other useful AI tools that you may wish to incorporate into your practice. Finally we will provide a list of resources , newsletters, videos, and sites where you can continue to learn more about AI in Career Counseling and Coaching..

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session attendees will be able to
a. Discuss ethical issues related to AI
b. Gain familiarity with other tools that use AI, and see how they can turbocharge your coaching/counseling efforts.
a. Learn about resources that will help you stay up to date with AIs ever changing opportunities.

Your Instructor:

As a spirited and engaging speaker, “Dr. Scott” Dell shares his passion and knowledge helping others to understand and best utilize today’s technology. He is an award-winning and skilled academic with business experience and a proven track record of inspiring others inside and outside the classroom. He stays current on how to best use and apply today’s tools. He received the Accounting Educator of the Year award from the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs in 2018. That same year, while serving as Marian University’s Accounting Program Director, he received that institution’s Social Justice Award for service to the community.

Dr. Scott has founded, owned, grown, and sold multiple businesses. He is a licensed CPA with over 15 years of full-time academic experience, along with over 20 years of engaging business experience. He possesses a Wharton MBA, an M. Ed. in Education Technology, and a recent AACSB doctorate in accounting (2019). He is also a Navy veteran.

Dr. Scott has been active in the career space for over two decades. He has reviewed resumes, enhanced LinkedIn profiles, and interviewed and hired thousands. He is also the author of “Your COMPLETE Guide to SUCCEEDING with LinkedIn” (2020) and “Living Your DREAM CAREER” just published in September 2023. Both are available on Amazon.