Are Career Struggles Hereditary? Helping Clients Break through Barriers by Exploring Complex Family Legacy

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Webinar Description: The parent-child relationship is so primal, intense, and complex that it can drive a person to their line of work, dictate how they lead, and, influence the types of relationships they form with managers and colleagues. This webinar will explore the deep connection between career development and family influence, explore legacies related to time, money, and personality dynamics, and provide invaluable resources for clinicians to use with clients. Career development practitioners early in their career and those with extensive experience can help break barriers, instilling hope and confidence for success by using strengths-based tools to reinforce healthy/positive messages and challenge difficult family messages and experiences. Resources will include easy to use worksheets, assessments, and strategies that have proven successful with diverse populations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insight into patterns and choices clients make due to profound impact parents have had on their professional lives;
  • Explore ‘inherited work trauma’ related to money, time, role modeling, and historical events;
  • Gain practical tips for clients to address career indecision, work challenges;
  • Learn easy to use strengths-based resources that can give clients HOPE including worksheets, reports and how to re-tell their story for interviews;
  • Preview the model of Ilana’s newly released book “Whats Mom Still Got to Do With It? Breathe new life into your career by understanding your mother-daughter relationship”

Presenter: Ilana Tolpin Levitt M.A., M.Ed.

Bio: Ilana Tolpin Levitt M.A., M.Ed.’s work is about empowering and inspiring people; both individuals and in organizations address career questions and organizational and workplace problems.  Many people struggle with some aspect of their careers, work-life balance, indecision, insecurity and/or advancement. My qualitative research has shown that there is an undeniable link between career struggles, and parenting (in particular with the mother- daughter relationship) my book was released in 2017, “What’s Mom Still Got to Do With It?  This is a novel; integrative approach which will give career development professionals new tools to help themselves and their clients break through barriers. Ilana led mother daughter relationship workshops with her mother, a psychoanalyst for over 12 years. She is currently in private practice as a clinical career counselor in New York City and Central New Jersey.

She holds a BA in Psychology from Binghamton University, a MEd in Counseling Psychology and MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University’s Teachers College and is a Certified Career Counselor with the National Career Development Association (NCDA). She is a licensed mental health counselor in NY (LMHC) and Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey (LPC).