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The course is divided into six lessons. Your task is to move through each part of the course, read the information, watch the video when asked, and answer the questions on your worksheet.  Once you complete the worksheet you will upload it for review and to receive your clock hours for your certification and professional development. You will earn 5 clock hours toward your certification.  You have 30 days to complete the course requirements.

This workshop/course deals primarily with assessment as it relates to the career development and career counseling of clients serviced by America’s Job Centers. The module matches the assessment related competencies as specified by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NADWP). They are similar to what is expected by a career counselor who belongs to the American Counseling Association or the National Career Development Association.

Regardless of your professional affiliations, using assessment in career exploration, career management, and/or educational or training placement, is important for those assisting customers in finding and succeeding in work that offers a living wage and personal fulfillment. It is also important to the employer and society that deserves a worker who reaches his or her potential and contributes his or her skills and abilities to the organization, the institution, and the common good.

Related NAWDP Competencies

  • Administers and interprets a variety of assessment tools.
  • Identifies the kinds of information individuals need, including assessment, in order to make realistic career decisions, and where that information can be found.
  • Knows what skills are needed to search for, obtain, retain, and change employment.
  • Provides customer with career exploration and job development skills.
  • Possesses analytical and observation skills that coupled with knowledge and information can lead to effective problem solving assistance.
  • Identifies customer needs and expectations to create positive customer satisfaction.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the role of assessment in the career development process and how it helps both your clients and employers.
  • Identify the assessments used in your job center and list what they measure.
  • Describe the various criteria for selecting the right assessment for your clientele.
  • Verbalize the meaning of reliability and validity.
  • State the cautions in interpreting assessment results.
  • Analyze the assessment you use to be sure that you are using solid assessments that can help your client.