Bully-Proofing the Workplace for Client Career Success

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Dean R. DeGroot M.S. is a business consultant and licensed psychologist (MN).  He has been involved as a change agent for individuals and organizations for over 29 years. Personal improvement, training, and psychological assessment/testing are areas in which Dean has made a difference. As a solo business owner, Dean has found success over the years through partnering with various consultants, operating under the credo: partnership with others equals greater power and influence. 

Dean possesses a master’s degree in Behavior Analysis & Therapy from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has been involved in post-graduate work at the Carlson School of Management located at the University of Minnesota as well as coursework in counseling. He has been a career development professional for over twenty-five years, with expertise in change management, personal improvement, corporate outplacement and career transition issues. 

Dean is currently proprietor of Innerview Consulting, where he conducts career/selection/organizational assessment, team building, one-to-one counseling and career transition workshops. He is also Past-President of the Minnesota Career Development Association and 2003 and 2017 recipient of the Marty Dockman Merit Award for contributions in the field of career development as well as the Jules Kerlan Outstanding Achievement Award in 2015, which recognizes significant contributions in the field of career guidance, counseling and development.  

WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: No one is going to deal with meaningful work or attain career success unless they are in a work environment which enables trust, openness, and growth. If we are able to engender respect in the workplace, we create a climate of creativity and self-actualization. Unfortunately, workplace abuse imprisons people in a state of day-to-day survival, so we must educate ourselves and our clients in ways to move forward.

Numerous studies report that over 25% of employees are bullied at some point in their work life, and nearly 50% will witness bullying. This webinar will define bullying, provide guidance for employees who deal with daily fear from workplace bullying and share approaches with counselors who work with them. Specific interventions to use in the job search and on-the-job will be discussed.


  • Identify what behaviors contribute to healthy versus toxic workplace environments as well as allow you to realize the consequences of disrespect and potential bullying.
  • Describe practical, actionable ideas for both assessing and dealing with workplace bullying.
  • Relate insights from research and best practices on dealing with abusive behavior.
  • Obtain at least 5 to 10 resources to turn to for further learning and support.