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Course Overview: This course is designed to provide career coaches and counselors with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to effectively work with individuals from the ADHD community. The course will cover topics related to understanding ADHD, harnessing strengths, identifying and addressing challenges in the workplace, and developing strategies to support individuals with ADHD in their career development. You will have 6 months to complete the course requirements.

Learning Objectives:

  Understand the neurobiology of ADHD and how it impacts career development.

  Gain tools to help ADHD individuals identify and harness their strengths.

  Identify common challenges faced by individuals with ADHD in the workplace.

  Develop strategies to address these challenges and support career success for individuals with ADHD.

  Help individuals with ADHD set career goals and develop a career path that aligns with their strengths and interests.

  Use tools and systems to support individuals with ADHD as they carry out a job search.

  Learn how to use routines, systems, and adaptive technologies to support ADHD individuals to succeed in their job.

  Identify additional support opportunities for individuals with ADHD including legal, workplace, home, and self-care structures.

Your Instructor: Elle O’Flaherty, JD, PCC, CCSP, CPCC, CDCS, CPRW
Interlace Solutions Coaching

After nearly 20 years as an attorney, Elle O’Flaherty found her calling in executive, ADHD, and career coaching. She specializes in working with executive teams and private clients for performance improvement. She regularly trains others on working with ADHD clients, coaching and mental health, and executive performance, among many other topics.

Elle has double ICF-certified training in Executive Coaching from American University and ADHD Coaching through ADDCA. She is a PCC-level coach with multiple career coaching certifications through NCDA and the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW-CC). Her work has been published globally and she presented at NCDA’s 2022 Global Conference, with a forthcoming presentation for the 2023 Global Conference.

Elle holds a JD from the William & Mary Law School and a journalism degree from James Madison University. She is a recovering federal appellate attorney and former international trade negotiator. Weirdly, she’s also a subject matter expert on World Trade Organization dispute settlement.