Webinar: Protecting Your Students/Clients During the Job Hunt: Federal Law Basics for the Career Counselor and Coach

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Presenter: Adriana Gomez, JD


WEBINAR DESCRIPTION:  There are a myriad of ways discrimination may take place during the application and hiring process. Many people, including employers, are not aware of their rights and responsibilities. This webinar will equip you with the latest understanding of the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws. In the process you will learn about the rights of your clients as it pertains to anti-discrimination. You will receive guidance on what to do if you believe an employer may be engaging in discriminatory conduct and what to advise your client. The content should not be construed as legal advice.


  • Identify who and what is covered under federal EEOC law.
  • Learn the federal statutes that protect workers against discrimination.
  • List the federal protected categories under EEOC laws.
  • Learn the types of employers and employees are covered by EEOC laws.
  • Acquire an understanding of what to do if you believe your client is experiencing discrimination.