Fundamentals of Career Development Theories

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Welcome to Fundamentals of Career Development Theories which offers an introductory review of many traditional and emerging career development theories, helping to develop your ability to work constructively with clients to build individualized career plans. 

This course is intended for career center professionals, career/employment counselors, coaches, and/or practitioners, and HR professionals across a wide range of settings. However, the audience extends to practitioners in other levels of education as well as those who serve clients in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. This includes school counselors, workforce development staff, and others.  Participants will develop/enhance their knowledge of career development theories and enhance their skills in applying these theories with clients. 

Your Instructor: Roberta Borgen (Neault)
Roberta Neault, PhD, CCC, CCDP, GCDF-i, is an award-winning leader in the career development sector, in Canada and internationally, served on the board for the Career Counsellors Chapter of CCPA and is currently past president of the Counsellor Educators and Supervisors chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Her Masters degree was in Counselling Psychology and her PhD in Educational Psychology; her research in both degrees focussed on career development.
President of Life Strategies Ltd. and Project Director for the Canadian Career Development Foundation, Roberta is a counsellor-educator, career practitioner, researcher, author, keynote speaker, and corporate consultant who brings a holistic perspective to individual and organizational career development challenges. She has worked with diverse groups in more than 70 countries. Holder of certifications in counselling and career development, and with specific training in e-learning (e-course design, e-teaching, e-career coaching) and working with Indigenous populations, Roberta’s  leadership in career development has been heralded by international organizations who have honored her with many awards.

You will be able to:

  Demonstrate an understanding of traditional and emerging vocational counselling theories.
  Demonstrate an understanding of various vocational counseling models and frameworks.
  Assist clients in a theory-based process of self-discovery, self-esteem building, and realistic goal setting.