Helping Clients Redefine Retirement

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This course offers an introductory review of retirement career and lifestyle counseling. The purpose of this course is to provide career counseling and coaching professionals with retirement career counseling theories and practical strategies to help clients find meaning and purpose in retirement. This course focuses on career and lifestyle retirement planning, not financial planning.

Career counselors, psychologists, and coaches in private practice who provide retirement career counseling services to clients are the primary audience for this course. This course will also be useful for college and university career services or anyone in workforce development who works with adults or individuals in the community who are retired, or approaching retirement age. Human resources staff in institutions and companies will also find the information of use as they work with their employees in transition to retirement.

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to:

  Identify the demographic, physical, mental, and psychological characteristics of today’s retirees.

  List the retirement challenges and issues.

  Learn how to assess clients’ readiness for retirement.

  List the elements of a healthy retirement.

  Locate occupational, volunteer, entrepreneurial, and leisure options for retirement.

  Analyze web and print retirement resources.