Helping Undecided Students Decide on a Major for Career Success

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As anyone who works with high school or college students knows, working with undecided students is the mainstay of our work as career counselors and coaches. When I was the director of career services at a community college in PA, about 50% of the students I saw needed some kind of help deciding on a major.

This course offers an introductory overview of the issues involved in college student indecision with regard to selection of major. The purpose of this course is to provide career counseling and coaching professionals with basic career development theories and practical strategies to help students/clients decide on a college major.

In this course you will be able to:

  Know the most common reasons for student indecision with regard to selection of major.

  Identify the major career development theories used today.

  Learn about and apply the four steps involved in career decision-making.

  Assess a student’s readiness for career decision-making.

  Identify commonly used career assessment tools and their uses.

  Learn strategies to help students who are “stuck” in career indecision.

  Identify web and print occupational resources.