Implementing Hope-Action Theory for Pandemic Career Recovery

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Hope and optimism have been demonstrated as significant predictors of career success, academic and task performance, illness recovery, and job satisfaction. Yet, in the midst of a pandemic, many people have lost hope and a vision for their futures.

By using Hope-Action Theory, career development professionals can assist individuals to get their careers back on track, mid and post-pandemic. Through case examples and brief activities related to the theory’s core components (hope, self-reflection, self-clarity, visioning, goal-setting and planning, implementing, and adapting), this webinar will help career practitioners to better understand their students’ and clients’ career concerns and assist them in their career development and job search, regardless of context.

Our presenters are the co-authors of Career Recovery: Creating Hopeful Careers in Difficult Times (Niles, Amundson, Neault, & Yoon, 2020). They will share tips and techniques you can use in your career counseling and coaching practice.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the webinar, you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of hope to career recovery in the pandemic.
  • Recognize how the pandemic has disrupted many careers.
  • Explore hope-action competencies–hope, self-reflection, self-clarity, visioning, goal-setting and planning, implementing, and adapting–as a means to career recovery.  
  • Apply Hope-Action Theory to assist clients in their career development and job search.


Dr. Hyung Joon Yoon CCSP, SPHR, is an Assistant Professor of Workforce Education and Development at the Pennsylvania State University. His research has been centered on utilizing hope and human agency for individuals and organizations. Previously serving as a board member of the National Career Development Association, Joon is currently Associate Editor of Human Resource Development Review. He was designated as an NCDA Fellow in 2020 for his significant contributions to the field of career development. Dr. Yoon earned a doctorate in workforce education and development from Penn State University.

Dr. Roberta Borgen (Neault) CCC, CCDP, GCDFi, is President of Life Strategies Ltd., an Adjunct Professor of Counselling Psychology at UBC, and a Project Director with the Canadian Career Development Foundation. In her career spanning over 4 decades, Roberta has supported diverse individual and corporate clients to navigate career development in challenging times. She was honored to be named an NCDA Fellow in 2019 and has received numerous international awards for her leadership in career development and counselling. Dr. Borgen has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in the Psychology of Education University from Simon Fraser University.