Implicit Bias: How Career Counselors/Coaches Create Barriers for Job Search Clients and How to Fix It

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Job seekers have a challenging time garnering the attention of hiring managers. Career practitioners do their best to help job seekers put their best profile forward, but often we introduce potentially harmful words and ideas into their resumes and other communications. Research indicates we career counselors/coaches create barriers for our clients and students by inserting unconscious bias in their resumes, as well as in our own resumes.

We will review research on name, religion, gender, age, socioeconomic, appearance, parenthood, unemployment, and word choice to understand how bias manifests in résumés to a candidates’ detriment and ways to avoid it.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to

  Understand the concept of implicit bias,

  Identify ways we unknowingly insert bias into resumes,

  Employ tips to circumvent it in your own practice

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Cheryl Minnick, NCRW, MRW, CCMC, NCOPE, CHJMC, SII  is a seasoned career leader who holds 6 industry certifications in career management, academic advising, job search, salary negotiation, LinkedIn profile building, and résumé writing. The master résumé writer’s work and career advice are featured in 11 books and in AOLJobs, Monster, Kaplan, and Google career articles and/or programs. Cheryl has taught career-focused webinars for the National Association of Career Educators (NACE), Career Thought Leaders, National Résumé Writers’ Association (NRWA), American Marketing Association (AMA), Campus Compact, American College of Sports Medicine NW, and more. An “Ask the Expert,” Cheryl sits on the NRWA’s certification committee providing coaching for budding résumé writers. She has a side gig consulting for executive career development firms, Core Collective, Di4 Résumé, and Murphy Career Development, and running her own boutique career consulting firm. Currently, she is honored to serve as the University of Montana College of Humanities & Sciences’ Director of Career Success coaching students as they “Build Pathways to Professions.” Connect with her on LinkedIn or via email,