Modern Resumes and Maximizing LinkedIn Profiles

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This is a bundling of two recorded webinars recently conducted by Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow. The two webinars are: Incorporating the Newest and Most Modern Resume Writing Techniques into Your Practice AND Writing LinkedIn Profiles That Are On-Brand, Engaging, and Pivotal to Networking & Job Search Success. Each of these can be purchased separately, if desired. By purchasing them together you are rewarded with a discount.

Each webinar recording comes with resource files that you should download prior to listing to the recordings. They include a copy of the slides used in the presentation and examples of the techniques taught by your presenters.

After you watch each of the recordings and download the materials, you can take a quiz and earn a certificate. This is optional.

Once you have enrolled, you should make sure you are logged in to (top right) with your email and password. Click on “My Courses” and you will see these two items in your profile. Click on either one of them and start your learning journey!