Personal Branding – It’s No Longer An Option!

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Susan Chritton, M.Ed., PCC, NCCC, is a Master Personal Brand Strategist, Executive Career Coach, and Personal Branding Certification Trainer. Susan is the author of “Personal Branding for Dummies.” She facilitates programs in Personal Branding, Strengths-based leadership, and career transition. She combines her skills as a Master Career Counselor and Professional Certified Coach to guide professionals toward a more authentic and meaningful career. Respected for her expertise and personal style, her clients appreciate her solid grounded approach and trust her direction through the personal branding process.

WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Why is personal branding so important in today’s workplace? Are you wondering what it might take to develop your personal brand? Why do you as a career professional need to understand how to incorporate it into the work you do with students and clients? Susan Chritton will present the basics of personal branding in a step-by-step solution.

Building a personal brand helps you create a clear and concise reputation as you enter or expand in the workforce. Your personal brand identifies those core pieces of yourself that you want to express and use in the world. Help your student, clients, and even yourself take advantage of a powerful person brand to get ahead in their careers.


  • State the characteristics of personal branding.
  • List the three phases of personal branding.
  • Apply the three phases with your students and clients.
  • Communicate your brand online.
  • Specify why LinkedIn is so important to your personal brand.