Realistic Career Decision Making: It’s More Than Passion

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Welcome to this online course about informed career decision making and the tools that are available to you for helping your students or clients make their career and educational decisions with the best information.

Decisions about a career can be quite complex given that one generally spends 30 or more years working. Receiving the necessary education and training to qualify you for a career influences your lifestyle, opportunities, and finances. It is best to be smart about one’s career choice and spend time thinking about the opportunities and consequences before plunging ahead.

Whether you’re a private practitioner, a college or university professional, whether you are employed in workforce development or in our elementary or secondary education systems, it is important that you help clients understand the consequences of their decisions.

You will be able to: 

  Review what is involved in the career decision making process. 
  Identify the association between career, education and training levels, and future wages. 
   Learn how educational choices influence future careers and lifestyles. 
  Gain some tools and resources by which you can help people make an informed career decision.