Understanding the Career — Mental Health Connection

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Dr. Deb Osborn is an Associate Professor in the Educational Psychology and Learning Systems department at Florida State University (FSU), and a National Certified Counselor. She is a Fellow of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and American Counseling Association (ACA), Past President of the NCDA and Florida CDA, and recently served on the NCDA/ACA boards as a governing representative. She received her PhD in Counseling and School Psychology from FSU in 1998. Her program of research includes: (a) the design/use of technology in counseling, (b) innovation and effectiveness in counselor education; and (c) the design/use of assessments in career services. 

WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Are you seeing more career clients who seem to have mental health concerns? It’s not your imagination – mental illness is increasing, and clients don’t just park their problems at the door when they see a career practitioner. In this webinar, we will discuss specific empirically-supported relationships between career development concerns and mental health concerns. Dysfunctional thinking is a common barrier to many career development outcomes. Given this, we will spend time discussing how to recognize, measure, and alter dysfunctional career thoughts to mitigate the effect of these barriers to career decision making.


  • Describe how career and mental health concerns are connected.
  • List several examples from research of how career and mental health are related.
  • Explain how dysfunctional thinking impacts the career decision making process.
  • Apply basic cognitive restructuring skills to dysfunctional career thoughts.