Selecting the Right Assessment

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Welcome to this course which covers the basics of assessment. Most career counselors and coaches use some form of assessment to help their students and clients better understand themselves and make decision about a forward moving career direction.  This may entail inventories to asses their interests, tests to identify strengths and knowledge, or other characteristics that come into play for career selection and career success. It is important to know how to select the very best test that will help your students and clients.

This course will hopefully help you think about the importance factors in selecting the right assessment and will encourage you to follow those criteria in selecting the best assessment and to follow ethical principles and you do that.

Your Instructor: Janet Wall
Janet E. Wall, EdD,  CCSP, JCTC, NCDA CDF-I, NCDA Fellow is the 2011 recipient of the National Career Development Association’s Merit Award and the 2012 recipient of the American Counseling Association’s Carl Perkins Government Relations Award and many others, has worked at the federal, state, and school district levels in the areas of assessment, evaluation, and career development. Her work has spanned the public and private sectors from the Pre-K level through executive development.
She is Past President of the Association for Assessment in Counseling and Education (AACE) and has been an officer in the Association for Counselors and Educators in Government and the Maryland Career Development Association. As the appointed representative of the American Counseling Association to the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (JCTP), she has been chair and a member of that group. She chaired or was a working member of several JCTP working groups to include those that produced the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education, the ABC’s of School Testing  video and leaders guide, Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers: Guidelines and Expectations, and a book on assessment of individuals with disabilities. She represented AACE and NCDA as co-chair of the committee that developed the Career Counselor Assessment and Evaluation Competencies, now endorsed by both associations. She is an active member of the NCDA Technology Committee and owns and moderates the NCDA LinkedIn group which has just under 20,000 members as of this writing.
Janet has co-edited a book on educational and career assessment, and is author of four McGraw-Hill test preparation books for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), a book on vocational interests, and one on interactive web tools for the job seeker.  She is a trainer, distance educator, conference presenter, conference keynoter, and writer of articles, reports, and monographs. She has been instrumental in the development of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program, serving many millions of youth, and ACT’s DISCOVER. Janet is co-author of the Ability Explorer and assessment published by JIST.
She is the Founder of Career Planning Academy, a multiple award winning learning management system that provides professional development for career development professionals. She can be reached at Visit her LinkedIn page at

In this course you will learn: 

  the reason that tests are often used in education and career development
  the criteria for selecting the right test for your clientele
  about the resources to assist you in selecting the right assessment for your clientele
  to think about ethical principles in selecting and using assessment