Strategies to Mitigate the Impact of Bias on Clients’ Job Search and Transition to the Workplace

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Dr. Marian HigginsLPC is the owner of Be Inspired Counseling and Consulting, LLC, a personal and professional development company specializing in educating, inspiring, and equipping professionals to become successful in their workplace.  She has presented to and assisted professionals in colleges, universities, non-profits, and corporations. She draws upon on her experience as a former administrator at the University of Georgia Career Center where she supervised and coached staff, created and implemented talent management strategies, managed diversity and inclusion initiatives, and provided consultations to employers and career services practitioners on diversity recruitment and programming. 

Dr. Higgins is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia where she contributes to the preparation of students seeking to enter and advance in the workplace. She is a frequent presenter for the University of Georgia Supervisory Excellence Program and the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate program.

Dr. Higgins received her Ph.D. in counseling and personnel services from The University of Georgia, a Master of Science degree in counseling from the University of Memphis, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the recipient of the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers Champion of Diversity award and the Research Fellowship.

WEBINAR DESCRIPTION:  Bias exists in our everyday life.  It is not exempt from being present in the workplace. Bias rears its head when we assume that certain careers or positions are only for a certain group of individuals. It’s present when job seekers are not given an opportunity to interview for a job based upon their “ethnic sounding names” listed on their resumes. Bias also exist in the workplace when professionals are consistently trying to overcome stereotypes repeatedly expressed by their colleagues. As career development professionals, it is imperative we understand the challenges bias creates for minoritized clients as they prepare for their job search and enter the workplace. In this session, we will explore these challenges and discuss strategies you can use to help your clients.    


  • Recognize systemic practices that impede the job search process for minoritized clients.
  • Develop an awareness of how personal bias impacts the ability to serve clients.
  • Learn strategies to help clients address discriminatory practices in their job search and workplace setting.