Surfing the Gig Economy

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Surfing the Gig Economy uses the metaphor of surfing to describe how clients can adapt to the 21st Century world-of-work, one that most workers find to be messy, chaotic, frightening, and unreliable. I have traveled the world to witness the effects global capitalism, rapid technological advancement, and hyper-connectivity have on all types of workers.

My goal for this class is to give you a different on-line course experience. One that encourages you to ask questions that have remained unasked, to think deeply about your own experiences of work as they have formed the spectrum of privilege and opportunity you have in your life, and to shift your career services practice to better incorporate ideas of career adaptability and self-management for you and your clients.

The primary audience for this course is any career services professional (e.g., coaches, facilitators, human resource professionals, counselors, psychologists) working with clients adapting to the 21st Century World-of-work, therefore this course impacts our work with all clients.

Your Instructor: Brian Hutchison
Brian Hutchison, Ph.D., LPC, CCCE is a member of the core faculty in counselor education at Walden University. Dr. Hutchison received his doctorate degree in Counselor Education & Supervision from Pennsylvania State University and has worked as a career, school, and mental health counselor and clinical supervisor.
Dr. Hutchison is the Past-President of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA), Editor of the Asia Pacific Career Development Journal, and past Treasurer of the National Career Development Association (NCDA).
Brian’s scholarship is infused into three primary scholarship areas: international issues in career/ school counseling, career theory and practice integration, and counselor training/ education broadly defined. He has more than four dozen journal publications pertaining to school and career counseling theory, international career development, social justice and cross-cultural communication, and specific counseling interventions. Dr. Hutchison is a Contributing Editor for the book International Practices of Career Services, Credentialing and Training.
Brian’s career consultation and education work operates within the brand of Global Career Guy where he specializes in developing career education products and programs, on-line career coaching and mentorship, and web-based education and networking tools for global career professionals.

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to:

  Better understand your own experiences, thoughts, and beliefs about the 21st Century world-of-work.

  Use the 5 part Surfing the Gig Economy framework in your own career practice.

  Help clients identify assets, barriers, and obstacles when planning their future.

  Determine the type of goals they wish to pursue in gig economy.

  Create an action plan to ensure they maintain momentum towards their goals.

  Maintain a “curation plan” that supports their goals.

  Use the idea of the “trip of a lifetime” to remain centered and focused through constant career transition.