Uncenter Work to Recenter Life (Asia Module)

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This course, Uncenter Work to Recenter Life is part of the Reframe Your Career Game Curriculum. Encouraging career services professionals to diminish work and enhance the focus on life within their practice at first seems counterintuitive for many. If you dig a little deeper in your mind, I think you will quickly realize that this shift of focus is the only thing that can make sense in the 21st Century world-of-work.

My goal for this class is to give you a different online course experience. One that encourages you to ask questions that have remained unasked, to think deeply about your own experiences of work, and to shift your career services practice to better incorporate ideas that are foundational to human flourishing and happiness as they relate using the fact of work to build a better life.

The primary audience for this course is any career services professional (e.g., coaches, facilitators, human resource professionals, counselors, psychologists). The principles forming the foundation of this course call upon the fields of career development, human development, and neuroscience research.

This workshop is divided into three main parts: Pre-readings, the live workshop, and post-reading with a quiz. You must complete all of the sections, reading, and videos as specified in order for you to receive continuing education credit for this workshop.