Under Construction: How to Use the Career Construction Interview with Students and Clients

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In this course you will explore Mark Savickas’ Career Construction Theory, and the philosophy behind the Career Construction Interview (CCI). From there, you will be introduced to the questions of the CCI and the concepts of client construction, practitioner deconstruction, and client and counselor co-construction.

You will analyze each question of the CCI in order for you to understand the meaning of the question and what information to collect from clients. You will also learn how to process the interview with clients and arrange an alternative narrative in order to assist clients in actively constructing their careers.

During the course you will read some articles and publications, view videos, and will have a case study to practice collecting client narratives. Yes, you will practice using the CCI with your clients or students.

This course is appropriate for career practitioners, career counselors, career coaches, school counselors, workforce development staff, and mental health counselors.

Your Instructor: Marty Apodaca

Marty Apodaca, MA, LPCC, CCC, NCC, is a Senior Counselor at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Student Health and Counseling and former Career Development Facilitator at UNM Career Services. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Arts in Counseling at UNM. Marty is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in New Mexico and caries the certifications of Certified Career Counselor, attained from the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and National Certified Counselor, obtained from the National Board of Certified Counselors. He is a past president and current board member of the New Mexico Career Development Association

Marty’s introduction to the Career Construction Interview (CCI) was in 2010 while working at UNM Career Services. He was instantly drawn to the tool and while studying the CCI he discovered his passion was in assisting people with their life stories. Marty then made the decision to enroll in UNM’s Counseling program and begin his new career journey. Marty attended the first Career Construction Institute in Boulder, CO and has served as faculty in two other Career Construction Institutes.

Marty is an alumnus of the NCDA Leadership Academy and is a current Trustee-at-Large for NCDA. Marty carries a passion for exploring the intersections of career and mental health issues and his devotion is in helping clients share, connect with, and develop authorship over their life narratives.

Learning Objectives

Understand and apply Mark Savikas’ career construction theory when working with clients.

Effectively implement the career construction interview with clients either in person or through a virtual platform.

Construct client career narratives by asking the questions of the career construction interview and documenting salient parts of client narratives.

Deconstruct client career narratives and identify thematic elements to explore with clients.

Co-construct with clients a new career narrative by creating a safe space for them to creating meaning in their career stories.