Writing LinkedIn Profiles that Are On-Brand, Engaging, and Pivotal to Networking & Job Search Success

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Summary: LinkedIn has had a major and permanent impact on how job seekers find new positions. And, although the resume is still an essential component in every job seeker’s toolkit, LinkedIn is now just as vital. Recruiters and hiring managers will tell you that if you’re not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist.

In response to today’s demand, resume writers write LinkedIn profiles for almost all of their clients … career coaches and counselors provide guidance on how to write them …. college and university career center professionals guide their students through the writing process. That’s what this program is going to teach you—how to write and format LinkedIn profiles that are attention-getting, rich in content, powerfully written, and created to meet the unique keyword algorithms essential to being found.

Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark have been leaders in the field of resume writing for decades and in writing LinkedIn profiles for 15+ years. They know what works in LinkedIn and they know how and why, critical information that they’ll share with you during this webinar. Their very best advice … Don’t shortchange your clients (or yourself) with a profile that is simply a copy-and-paste of a resume. LinkedIn is different and much more than that, and we’ll show you how to create profiles that stand out to give your clients a strong competitive edge.

Attendees will receive a discount code that can be used for any titles in Enelow’s & Kursmark’s bookstore – www.EmeraldCareerPublishing.com. “Modernize Your Resume” (3rd edition) now also includes a chapter on writing LI profiles, along with expert samples from them and several of their career industry colleagues.

Learning Objectives:

  Craft engaging and high-powered content for the 3 most critical sections of a LinkedIn profile: Headline, About (Summary), and Experience

  Use the art of storytelling to capture readers’ interest and communicate a full picture of who you are, what you can do, and why you bring value to a new organization.

  Integrate keywords to increase profile visibility and generate more job prospects and a stronger professional network

  Deploy top-flight writing skills and use unique formatting and design elements to capture interest and increase readability

Your Presenters:

  Louise Kursmark, MRW, CEIP, CCM, JCTC, CPRW

  Wendy Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW

Louise and Wendy are arguably the most recognized and most influential resume writing leaders both domestically and globally They each have 25+ years of experience as professional resume writers and career coaches.

In addition to their 40 books, they are frequently quoted sources for major media—Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Washington Post, ABC News, Money Magazine, and others.

Wendy and Louise are founders and past executive directors of three of the career industry’s most notable training and professional development organizations: Career Masters Institute, Career Thought Leaders, and Resume Writing Academy.