Here are some frequently asked questions about Career Planning Academy and its many offerings.

The clock hours for the courses and webinars are determined by following the rigid standards of the National Board for Certified Counselors. In short, the offerings are related to the career development area. Every 6,000 words of reading is equivalent to 1 clock hour. The length of videos and audios are by time. For example, 30 minutes of video is equivalent to .5 clock hour.

The clock hours are stated on the website. Webinars are generally 1-1.25 clock hours unless otherwise stated.  There are some two part sessions that are more.  Courses vary in clock hours depending upon their length. Calculation of clock hours are based on the published requirements of the National Board for Certified Counselors.

For both courses and webinar recordings, you upload an assignment for review. For courses, we give instructors 3 days to review your work and then your certificate should be available immediately after they approve the assignment. Recorded webinar certificates generally come the same day. Clearly events can delay this practice, so let us know if you have specific needs. If you are up against a deadline we will do our very best to work with you. We can’t help you if we are unaware of your circumstances.

Continuing education providers are not granted that authority. It is your responsibility to examine the learning objectives and description of the course or webinar and your certification requirements. If you have specific questions, please contact us.

Once you register, you are automatically provided access to the course page which contains everything you need to complete the course. Courses are a combination of text, readings, graphics, videos, and audios. You follow the directions on the website to read, view, listen, etc. As you do this, you are asked to complete some questions about the content. You answer these questions found on what we call a worksheet which you download onto your computer. The completed worksheet is uploaded for review by the instructor. When your answers are deemed acceptable, you will be able to download your certificate.

Recorded webinars are videos of the live webinar. When you register, you are automatically given the link to the video, any associated resources and handout offered by the presenter, and 3-5 questions to answer about the content. You listen to the recording and answer the questions. You upload your worksheet for review. If the answers are complete, you are issued your certificate. If you do not want the certificate, you do not have to answer the questions.

Your personal information such as credit card information used for purchase is not saved by us so it cannot be used. We do not sell or provide your name or any other information to any person or organization and we never would.