Lesson 3: Possible Selves Escalator Exercise

In this lesson you will learn about the Possible Selves Escalator Exercise and the ways you can use it with your students and clients.  You will try out the exercise yourself and then journal your thoughts.  add more?

In order to better understand the possible selves exercise, read this article. Pay  particular  attention  to  ……

Listen to me describe the Escalator Exercise and give you directions on using it. Watch it below.

As the video above indicated, you need to try out the exercise yourself. You will need to download this document to perform the exercise yourself.

Time to record your thoughts. Take 20 minutes to journal your thoughts and save them to your computer. In your journal address these questions based on the exercise you completed.

What became apparent to you as you worked on your escalator?
What is the most meaningful source of your motivation, feared or future self?
What steps have you taken or will you take to ensure you avoid your feared self?
What steps have you taken or will you take to ensure you actively work toward your future self?
How will you know when you have made it to the top of the “escalator”?
What was the most difficult aspect of the exercise for you?
What was your biggest take-away from this exercise?

Listen to me describe the ways you can use this exercise with your student and clients. Watch it below.

Now let’s see how the exercise works with a real client. watch me demonstrate this exercise in the video below. Notice how I…. add more??

Now here is the follow up meeting.  As you watch the video, see in particular how I… and the client….

Now watch this concluding video. (I am not sure what this shows and how it applies, please describe.)

Once you have completed all the requirements for Lesson 3, complete items XX – XX on your worksheet, mark the lesson complete and move on to our final lesson, Lesson 4.