Surfing the Gig Economy uses the metaphor of surfing to describe how clients can adapt to the 21st Century world-of-work, one that most workers find to be messy, chaotic, frightening, and unreliable. I have traveled the world to witness the effects global capitalism, rapid technological advancement, and hyper-connectivity have on all types of workers. 

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Better understand your own experiences, thoughts, and beliefs about the 21st Century world-of-work.
  • Use the 5 part Surfing the Gig Economy framework in your own career practice.
  • Help clients identify assets, barriers, and obstacles when planning their future.
  • Determine the type of goals they wish to pursue in gig economy.
  • Create an action plan to ensure they maintain momentum towards their goals.
  • Maintain a “curation plan” that supports their goals.
  • Use the idea of the “trip of a lifetime” to remain centered and focused through constant career transition.


This course has five lessons. In each you may be asked to read text or documents, access web links, view videos, listen to audio, internalize what you are learning, and answer questions about the course content. When you are asked to perform any of these activities, this will be listed in red. As you move through the course, you will track your progress by answering questions on a worksheet. This worksheet will be submitted to the instructor at the end of the course to verify your earned continuing education units.

Download the worksheet here.

You will send this completed worksheet to your instructor.  Once the worksheet is reviewed for completeness, your instructor will recommend that a certificate of completion will be sent to you. Your certificate will reflect 6 clock hours for your certifications, recertifications, and credentials. Clock hours are calculated based on the quality criteria specified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

The materials offered to you in this course are protected by copyright law and must not be shared with any other individual.

Let me close by sharing that much of the work addressing the current chaotic world-of-work is initially overwhelming for most of us. This is why I chose surfing as a metaphor for this model. Having not yet surfed myself, I find the power and magnitude of the ocean terrifying but trust those who do surf when they tell me that in the face of the ocean’s raw power they find their greatest joy and comfort.

Let’s learn to surf together!

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