Lesson 4 — Take 5, Self Practice Tips for Change


Take 5 is the term I use for the five take-home ideas, skills, techniques, etc. that I wish for students/ participants to leave with when they attend any of my presentations/workshops/ courses. 

I am excited to help you take 5 techniques for self-practice home with you today. To begin our Take 5 session, please remember that these 5 techniques are designed for you to apply to yourself; to foster your own growth and development as a career services professional.

Our opening video is my favorite TED talk of all time. It has gotten some acclaim in recent years but even if you have watched it before you might, like me, enjoy watching it time and time again (I think I have seen it at least two dozen times and learn more each one).

Watch The Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie above before moving on.

Let’s take 4 minutes and submit an entry to your journal. Which story about another do you most wish to learn? Which single story about you needs to be retold to others?

I think it important to address one more aspect of client psychology, the psychology of inequality, before exploring the Take 5 Self Practice Tips for Change. The sense of “deficit” or inequality most often addresses economic disadvantage with is a cooccurring problem with all marginalized populations. Please read The Psychology of Inequality by Elizabeth Kolbert. 

This class session is about you. The Take 5 techniques are designed for you to apply to yourself so that you can avoid danger of single stories in your own work.  With this in mind, please watch this video below where I coach you through five Take 5 techniques:


I want to close this session with my favorite commercial from the Philippines that makes me laugh and cry thinking about the danger of a single story in terms of our children’s moral development. 


Watch it and then Complete items 12-16 before moving on to the last class. Don’t forget to mark this lesson COMPLETE.