Welcome and Overview: Super and Self

Listen to this welcome message from your instructor.


Welcome to this course featuring Super’s Life-Span, Life-Space Theory and Markus and Nurius “Possible Selves Theory.” In this course, you will be will be guided through the history and uses of each theoretical approach and their application to working with clients desiring a career change. The presenter will also demonstrate how to use two associated qualitative assessments, Super’s “Career Rainbow Exercise,” and another that was developed by your instructor, the “Possible Selves Escalator Exercise.” Both assessment templates will be provided along with written directions on how to complete the exercises with clients. The instructor will guide the participants through a step-by-step demonstration and provide related processing tips so participants can immediately implement these two career development tools into their practice.

This course has four lessons for you to read, access, view, and internalize. When you are asked to read text, watch a video, or answer questions, this will be listed in red. As you move through the course you will track your progress by answering questions on a worksheet.

Click the icon to download the worksheet and save it to your computer. After each section or lesson of the course you will complete the corresponding questions on the worksheet.  Super and Selves Worksheet

You will also be asked to keep a journal of your experiences in using the various activities/exercises in this course. 

You will be asked to complete an evaluation at the end of the course. One of the questions relates to the time it took you to complete the course requirements so please monitor this.

You have 30 days to complete the course and submit your worksheet. Submission later than 30 days may be subject to re-registration and payment.

All course contents are copyrighted and must not be used beyond your own learning.

At the conclusion of the course, you will upload the completed worksheet to the course instructor, Dr. Leann Morgan. Your worksheet will be reviewed by the instructor and once found acceptable, you will receive a certificate of completion for XX CEU clock hours.

Are you ready? It’s time to dive into the course and learn some great information as exercises to yours with your students and clients. If you are ready, mark this lesson complete and then go to Lesson 1.