Antiracist Career Counseling and Coaching



8 Clock Hours

Instructor: Dr. Kathy Evans, PhD in Counseling Psychology

Description: This course, Antiracist Career Counseling and Coachingis designed to help career practitioners increase their abilities to work effectively with clients of color. Unfortunately, racism and oppression are topics that tend to be glossed over in our training, mainly because it is uncomfortable and because most people offering the training haven’t been trained themselves. The result is that BIPOC clients do not receive the full benefit of their counseling or coaching experiences. That is the best case scenario. The worst case is that BIPOC clients are harmed by untrained career counselors or coaches. This course takes the first step toward giving practitioners the tools they need to offer the best service possible to all clients but especially clients of color.

Topics that will be covered in the course include definitions of racism, critical race theory, descriptions of racist behaviors (intentional and unintentional), personal biases and prejudices, and allyship. Each lesson will include written material, videos, lecturettes, and activities for increased understanding.

Becoming antiracist is truly a lifelong process and as the creator of the course, I hope that it provides a good foundation for your future development as an antiracist career counselor or coach.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

   Define racism –what it is and what it is not

   Recognize their own prejudices and racist behaviors

   Understand how racism affects marginalized clients

   Develop familiarity with strategies to overcome racism and develop as an ally

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