Emotional Intelligence Strategies to Motivate Your Clients in Their Job Search


Your Instructor

Edythe Richards, CPRW, GCDF, MBTI-MP, EQ-I


Webinar Description

Emotional intelligence has been identified as the most important set of skills employers need in the competitive post-pandemic job market.

Generally defined, emotional intelligence is the intersection of a person’s ability to understand and manage his/her own thoughts and emotions while understanding the needs of others, and responding in such a way to produce successful outcomes. People with active and balanced emotional intelligence can more easily influence others, sell their ideas, resolve conflict, as well as respond positively in constantly changing, stressful work environments.

This webinar will explore several fundamental components of emotional intelligence, and provide tips and strategies that you, as a career professional, can use to help your clients and students demonstrate and enhance their emotional intelligence in their job search.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe emotional intelligence using the EQ-i 2.0 model
  • Dispel common myths about emotional intelligence
  • Become aware of how emotions affect behavior and performance
  • Gain knowledge of modern job search trends
  • Employ tops to help clients strengthen their emotional intelligence in the job search

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