LIVE 3-SESSION WEBINARS: Helping the ADHD Client Create a Successful Career: Strategies and Tools for Career Practitioners



6 CE Clock Hours

Your Instructor:

Elle O’Flaherty, JD, PCC, CCSP, CPCC, CDCS, CPRW

Summary: At least 14.5 million adults in the U.S. and 224 million globally are ADHD affected. ADHD is a unique brain wiring that comes with incredible strengths and its own challenges. Without proper support tailored to this kind of brain, adult ADHD can impact relationships, work or school performance, self-esteem, and emotional regulation, among other areas.

Using tools and methods built for neurotypical clients can make it much more difficult to help these unique clients thrive. In this seminar series you will learn the fundamentals of ADHD, gain new systems and tools for working with ADHD clients, and understand the kind of career paths that bring satisfaction to the ADHD worker. The practical and specific strategies you will learn from your instructor will help you work with your ADHD clients to facilitate a successful career.

For each session you will be sent pre-readings that will formulate and enhance the key points of the seminar. Be ready to discuss these readings along with learning the concepts and strategies presented by your instructor.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of ADHD and how it impacts clients’ careers.
  • Learn the best practices in working with ADHD clients and tools suited to their unique brain wiring.
  • Understand the kinds of careers that work for ADHD clients and how best to provide guidance on their career paths.

Week 1: ADHD and Client Challenges

Week 2: The ADHD Client, Career Development, and the Job

Week 3: Essential Approaches for Working with the ADHD Client

3 Consecutive Sessions 1, 8, 15 February 2023; 6-7 pm Eastern

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