RECORDING: Predictions for the World of Work in 2024 and Beyond: Implications for Career Practitioners


Your Presenter: Ann Nakaska


Summary: The future of work is so much more than AI and automation. It is all the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and how they are being used in different industries plus industry specific technologies which are changing all industries in ways we never imagined. Drones are transporting medical equipment to accident sites; huge undersea tunnels are being built and senior homes are using virtual reality to improve the health of their patients.

Career counselors, coaches and practitioners will have an opportunity to learn about fourth industrial technologies plus industry specific technologies and how the future of work is changing. Not just in the next year but far beyond. They will be encouraged to share this information with their clients; how we will work in the future and the gig economy, emerging technologies, and the GTE (Global, Technological and Entrepreneurial) mindset needed to succeed in a changing workplace.

This session focuses on what career development professionals need to know to prepare, and more importantly how to inspire their clients for the fourth industrial revolution and the future workplace.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explore how the world of work is changing including in person and work from anywhere philosophies.
  • Identify what skills will be needed in the fourth industrial revolution and the gig economy, specifically preparing practitioners and clients to develop entrepreneurial, technological, and global mindsets to prepare for the future workplace.
  • Discuss how emerging technologies like AI and industry specific technologies are changing the work landscape and creating greater work opportunities.

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