WEBINAR RECORDING: Empowering Resilience: Coaching and Counseling Clients to Weather the Storm in Challenging Times


Your Presenter:
Dr. Rochelle Johnson, DProf, MA, UKCP reg.


In these unprecedented times, we are all trying to figure out how to best adjust to all of the changes that are impacting our lives.  What do you do when uncertainty and change become the norm? Cultivating resilience, the capacity to adapt successfully in the presence of risk and adversity and to bounce back, or forward, from setbacks, and high stress, may be the anecdote to weathering these difficult times. Due to the complexity of career development and exploration during the pandemic, it is important for career coaches and counselors to recognize when clients may have low resilience, and how to empower them to develop skills that boost their overall well-being.

In this interactive discussion we will explore practical and accessible techniques to keep you and your clients healthy and resilient during these challenging times.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about what resilience is and the current research around this topic.
  2. Recognize the signs of low resilience and how that may hinder your client’s career development process.
  3. Explore practical tips and strategies on how to not only increase our own well-being but to help boost our clients’ resiliency as well.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Rochelle Johnson, DProf, MA, UKCP reg., is a global leadership, well-being, and work-life expert; mental health professional; an award-winning lecturer, researcher, and management consultant, with over 25 years’ experience working in international settings. Known for her engaging presentation and facilitating style, Rochelle’s mission is to help people live their best lives and tap their potential in the workplace.  She is also dedicated to helping leaders and organizations create a healthy workplace culture by providing them strategies and innovations around improving communications, building individual and community resilience, work-life, and wellness initiatives to empower their employees to thrive so they can perform at their best in both their professional and personal lives.