WEBINAR RECORDING: The Whispering Warriors


Presenter: Jane Finkle, NCC

The Whispering Warriors: Techniques for Helping Introverts with Career Success in an Extroverted World 

Webinar Description:
In today’s fast-paced, unstable workplace, achieving success requires speaking up, promoting yourself and your ideas, and taking initiative. Introverts often feel they are at a disadvantage in an environment dominated by extroverts, and don’t realize how they can use their introverted qualities to their best advantage for career success.

Career practitioners often don’t understand the challenges faced by introverts in today’s job market and workplace or know how to help them capitalize on their strengths and take risks to ensure that they won’t get left behind.

This webinar will offer tips and strategies on how to help introverts appreciate their strengths while taking risks that will help them succeed in job search, self-promotion and career management.

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