WEBINAR RECORDING: Buyer Beware – Helping Your Students and Clients Avoid Job Scams


Your Presenter:
Susan P. Joyce
President, Netability; MBA Information Systems/Information Technology


According to the Better Business Bureau, “in the U.S. and Canada alone, an estimated 14 million people are exposed to job scams every year, with $2 billion in direct losses annually. These attacks hurt individuals and the companies they work for, as well as the organizations that the fraudsters impersonate.”

Job seekers are often lacking in knowledge about the hiring process employers use today and frequently may be desperate for a new job. That makes them vulnerable. For scammers, job seekers are ideal victims given the deeply personal information provided to employers during the hiring process (SSN, bank account numbers, etc.).

Career development professionals need to be aware of the scammer tactics and tricks so they can educate job seekers to prevent mishaps. Your presenter will take you through they ways you can identify fraudulent opportunities and tricksters and help yourself once a person falls for the scam.

Learning Objectives:

By the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will

  • Become aware of the new scams that are flourishing due to technology, as well as strategies to recognize and avoid them
  • Outline the warning signs for fake opportunities and fake employers.
  • Initiate procedures on how to research to avoid both.
  • Specify what can be done if scammed

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