Thank You – ACF21 – NJCDA

Welcome to the Career Planning Academy Family and the ACF21 Certification Course

This registration enrolls you in New Jersey Career Development Association Advanced Career Facilitation for the 21st Century certification taught by Dr. Brian Hutchison.

You can access your courses by clicking the button above or by going to the website and signing in with your name and password. Access to the course materials is best done on a desktop or laptop rather than your phone.

You will not be able to access all the lessons as they will be made available to you according to a schedule determined by the instructor. You can access the introductory lesson which has some additional information.

The program will meet with live sessions from 12-1pm (Cohort 1) or 4-5pm (Cohort2) on Tuesdays starting 12 January 2021 and every Tuesday for the next 21 weeks. Your registration includes all the materials needed for the program. You will need to have a computer with audio/video capability to access the live sessions each week as we will be using the Zoom platform.

Successful completion of the program will earn you 30 NBCC continuing education hours + the certification from Career Planning Academy. You must attend at least 14 of the live sessions, but you must review the recordings of those missed sessions and complete all the assignments in order to complete the requirements. Role will be taken. There will be required readings and videos that will be prerequisites to each session and homework after each session.

Each live session will be recorded so that you can review the content of the session you missed or circle back to the information of the session you attended. 

You will receive access to the course material according to a prescribed schedule.  

Please note that all the information in this course is copyrighted and MUST NOT BE SHARED WITH OTHERS.

Please  be sure you keep your username, email address and password in a secure place as you will need it to come in and out of the course over the next 21 weeks. 

To get started, please join this members only Facebook Group where you will be able to ask questions, make comments, share resources and discuss ideas. Please join the group here 

If you have not identified your preferred cohort, please do so now.