Positivity for Enhanced Career Success

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Carmen Croonquist, MS Guidance and Counseling, is President of Intentionaliti Coaching & Consulting Services in Hudson, WI. Her other certifications include Certified Personal Branding Coach, Certified John Maxwell Coach, Certified Brain-Based Success Coach, Certified ThetaHealer Practitioner, and the Certified Personal Branding Coach. She also serves as Director of Career Development & Coaching and is a core faculty member at Adler Graduate School in Minneapolis, MN. Carmen’s work has spanned a wide array of industries and clientele.  In 2008 Carmen was awarded the Jules Kerlan Lifetime Achievement Award by the Minnesota Career Development Association for her extensive contributions to the field. A pioneer in the area of career portfolios, she was referenced by Richard Bolles in the 2007-2009 editions of “What Color is Your Parachute?” as a thought leader in the arena of utilizing portfolios for career enhancement and personal branding. Carmen’s work has led to keynote presentations nationally and internally on a wide array of career/life topics such as creating a “life by design,” career portfolios, personal branding, maximizing your strengths, navigating career/life transitions, and embracing uncertainty.

WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Germaine to the process of career counseling is helping individuals, despite their circumstances, gain the clarity, resources, and strategies to make smooth transitions to their next endeavors in life. Many career practitioners are inundated with clients who are coming to terms with fear, uncertainty, frustration, and grief. At times, it can be easy to feel disempowered, stressed, and discouraged by the multitude of issues that arise. Yet, the career practitioner’s own mindset and well-being is an important aspect of the client’s journey. Drawing from the theoretical framework of Alfred Adler and other leaders in the positive psychology arena, participants who register for this webinar will learn practical tips and tools to construct their own recipe for maintaining positivity and wellness. The result: career practitioners who feel happier and lighter are more focused, connected, and effective with their clients!


  • Provide a theoretical backdrop of Alfred Adler’s perspective on positive, practical psychology and its applications to career development.
  • Explore the impact of career development practitioners’ expectations on their clients.
  • Provide holistic approaches that help individuals maximize their positive mindset and well-being during times of career transition.